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CITT study (Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trial)

“A level one evidence study co-authored by both optometry and ophthalmology showing that in-office vision therapy re-enforced by home based therapy is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in the treatment of binocular vision dysfunction.  Of note, this is the highest level of evidence available in the research arena (i..e double blind, placebo controlled, randomized and multi-centered trial.) and is simply irrefutable”.

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Research highlighting the relationship between ADHD symptoms and eye teaming difficulties:

“This study published by several MD’s is the USA showed that ADHD patients show a 3X higher incidence of binocular vision issues.  An important statement when one considers that 5 out of 9 symptoms required to diagnose ADHD (known as the “DSM criteria”) are IDENTICAL in eye teaming problems using a large sample of 266 children,  This paper underscores the rationale behind ruling out binocular vision dysfunction prior to assuming a child has ADD / ADHD.

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Paper showing clear academic gains as a result of vision therapy (NIH funded research)

“This paper shows that academic gains (and not just functional gains) are clearly realized when the CITT study protocol is applied in cases of oculomotor dysfunction”.

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Information for Health Care and Other Allied Professionals

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The cost of unaddressed learning disabilities.

“This document prepared by the Learning Disability Association of Canada (a not-for-profit) outlines in detail the costs of not addressing learning difficulties (which are 80% reading based) on society, families and healthcare systems.  The numbers are staggering”.

“This research highlights that unaddressed vision problems are the most likely issue to cause beginning reading failure in grade 1-2”. 

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Irlen filters (Coloured filters) simply mask binocular vision issues.

“This symposium paper clearly shows that people requiring “coloured filters” to read better are very likely actually suffering form unaddressed binocular vision issues.  The tints in essence reduce the signal to one eye and reduce the symptoms…however this “fix” comes at the cost of losing ones eye teaming skills”.

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